In today’s new world of heightened health and safety concerns, many organizations are looking for innovative ways to provide their staff and customers with relevant, high quality professional leadership training and development initiates that have virtual delivery options while also being structurally designed to generate new streams of revenue to the end user. Our organizations have teamed up in response to these needs and have created unique curriculums that are grounded in modern advances in learning, retention and personal/team breakthrough. Our curriculums are designed to be flexible and adaptable based on each organization’s specific needs and goals allowing us to build genuine partnerships with our clients… the manifestation of a true win / win philosophy, and a commitment to mutual, long-term success.

Virtual Delivery Options

  1. Workshop Style (blended training and coaching): For maximum engagement, keep the number of participants under 20… virtually everyone has a chance to either share a perspective, ask a question or receive some coaching at some point (in this environment, when I’m coaching one person, I’m actually coaching everyone).
  2. Classroom Style: (focused content delivery with limited engagement): Best for groups of 50 or less. Most of the delivery is done like a course with participants engaging more via polls and chats (minimal verbal communication) though a handful will still have a chance to share, ask or receive a bit of coaching. Would make sense to use breakout rooms with specific individuals assigned as co-facilitators. 
  3. Speech Style (like a long TED talk): Up to 1,000 participants who only engage via polls, though breakout rooms could be used for smaller groups if there were enough co-facilitators.   

coCelerate is a premier leadership training company focused on accelerating the development of business professionals to contribute to their personal growth, as well as the growth of their businesses.  We customize our leadership programs to deliver content that meets your organizational objectives.

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