In today’s world of remarkable social, market and technological change, the need for leadership skills has never been more essential.  For individuals, organizations and corporations who recognize that leadership is not bestowed but earned, not merely a result of one’s professional title or station in life, but rather derived from a core set of principles and skills, we offer a unique development solution.

coCelerate is a premier training and coaching company specializing in the delivery of leadership development curriculums. We utilize proven, evidenced-based leadership training models combined with a set of proprietary personal diagnostics, to accelerate individual awareness and the development of leadership skills.  Our team of highly experienced facilitators works alongside each professional to help them measurably enhance their individual success and increase their value to the organizations with which they work.

coCelerate programs are customized to meet your organization’s objectives and your professionals’ and members’ specific needs. Our Core 4 set of programs are designed to establish foundational leadership skills including self-awareness, success mindsets, collaboration, and communication and listening. coCelerate’s advanced programming builds upon the Core 4 programming to focus on specific concepts and skills integral to accelerating leadership development including personal disruption, emotional intelligence, performance management, and conflict management and negotiation.

CORE 4 Programing

The Foundations of Leadership
• Redefine Leadership as less transactional and more about the fundamentals of developing Partnership Oriented Relationships.
• Explore the significant ways genuine Leaders see and think differently.
• Learn to practice the behavioral and decision making distinctions of Being vs Doing vs Having to manifest important goals in all domains of life.


Success Mindsets: Keys to Unlocking the Leader Within You
• Learn the 4 different mindsets that comprise the Success Mindsets Framework.
• Identify your 4 current mindset levels and identify new ways to enhance the positive aspects of each one as a way to develop leadership in all areas of life.
• Appreciate individual mindset differences and strengthen important relationships by practicing “mindset flexing.”


Leadership Through Style Flexing
• Develop the ability to accurately recognize the dominant and sub-dominate communication and decision-making styles of others.
• Understand the wide array of nuanced differences among the dominant styles.
• Learn the art of “style flexing” to master communication, strengthen relationships and build highly collaborative teams.


Mastering the Art of Listening
• Understand all communication as a blend of objective and subjective realities.
• Recognize key distinctions and common roadblocks to fully receiving and comprehending the messages of others.
• Learn the 5 Levels of Listening and the 6 Key Practices to significantly enhance your listening as a skill with rigor and discipline.


Advanced Programing


Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
• Help foster a deeper appreciation of differences in backgrounds, cultures and levels of self and social awareness.
• Establish a shared common language in which to better understand and generate open and productive dialog that eliminate barriers to equity and inclusion.
• Learn 4 proven frameworks that leaders use to better engage and support diversity.



Developing Emotional Intelligence and Agility
• Understand the distinct inverse paths of technical know how and social/emotional competencies that lead to enhanced leadership of self and others.
• Uncover sources of stress and how to transform it into states of learning and growth.
• Expand self awareness regarding your brain’s auto response to Emotional Hijacking and learn the key steps to managing difficult situations with others.


Building Conflict Competency
• Appreciate the value and necessity of interpersonal & group conflict as well how to recognize its varying underlying sources.
• Explore the 5 distinct Conflict Styles and the benefits and detriments of each style within a variety of personal and professional situations.
• Learn practical steps to neutralize conflict and build partnership-based relationships.


The Art of Negotiation
• Locate yourself on the Assertiveness Scale and learn how to developing a balanced, equitable approach in dealing with “difficult” people.
• Appreciate distinct elements of the objective and subjective aspects of credibility.
• Learn step-by-step solutions to important professional situations (giving instructions, negotiating agreements, saying no, delivering performance reviews).


The Path to Partnership
• Learn how to recognize and more fully appreciate the most important elements of the most effective personal and professional relationships.
• Explore your Partnership Quotient Score (PQ) and corresponding feedback.
• Discover new tangible actions and behaviors to practice building the elements of genuine Partnership within your most important relationships.


The Art of Personal Disruption
• Learn the seven point framework for personal disruption.
• Discover your current place on the S-Curve of Learning and better understand past achievements based on this unique model.
• Explore the launching point, sweet spot and high-end along the S-Curve of Learning and design new plans for goal-setting and game planning




Building High Efficiency Teams
• Recognize the inherent individual strengths, challenges and opportunities for every member of your team.
• Craft new collective processes that utilize each team member’s talents and gifts in ways that lead to greater efficiency and productivity.
• Practice the Art of Team Building using challenging simulations.


Effective Performance Management
• Discover how to recognize the gaps between “Poor” versus “Acceptable” versus “Excellent” performance.
• Learn how to deliver employee performance reviews though distinct accountability measurements for both individual contributors and managers.
• Practice designing and coaching IC’s using a Professional Development Plan (PDP).