The Partnership Quotient Diagnostic Instrument is based on The 4 Dimensional Relationship Model which is premised on the notion that every relationship has the potential for achieving co-actualization, or realizing greater levels of the most important qualities present within our most successful and lasting personal and professional relationships… the ones we identify as true Partnerships.

The person who invited you to take this survey has completed the Partnership Quotient Self Survey and is requesting that you anonymously complete the Partnership Quotient 360 Survey (36 questions, approx. 10-12 minutes) in which you honestly answer questions regarding your experiences of being in relationship with them. Your responses are kept in strict confidence and will be combined with the responses from 2 additional respondents to provide a unique type of invaluable 360 degree feedback to your contact.

On the next page, please fill in your name and email along with the name of your contact who you are answering the questions about, then follow the instructions to answer each question. 

At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in this diagnostic process for yourself and receive your own Partnership Quotient (PQ) Diagnostic Report and unique PQ Score.

On behalf of your contact, we appreciate you for your time and honest efforts here!