coCelerate is a premier leadership training company focused on accelerating the development of business professionals to contribute to their personal growth, as well as the growth of their businesses.  We customize our leadership programs to deliver content that meets your organizational objectives.

coCelerate consultants and facilitators have decades of experience in training and improving the mindset and performance of individuals and companies. The organization has a specific focus on leadership, management, mindset, sales growth, negotiation and collaboration training.

The firm draws upon a range of proven leadership, performance and mindset training techniques – and program sessions typically begin with a personality assessment and goal setting.

For leadership and community business organizations, coCelerate offers an easily implemented, out-of-the-box 8-session or 12-session course that can be customized to meet your organization’s objectives and your members’ needs.  coCelerate assists leadership and business organizations in branding and marketing the course to their membership base.

For corporations, coCelerate offers a quick, proven method for achieving business goals ranging from growing sales, adapting to change, nurturing collaboration, cultivating innovation and driving growth.