The coCelerate Leadership Academy – Certificates in Leadership and Management

The coCelerate Leadership Academy offers participants a challenging, practical learning experience not often provided in traditional educational and training environments. Our certificate programs require open curiosity, active engagement and a commitment to get outside one’s comfort zone both in the classroom – and afterwards in applying these skills in business and life.

coCelerate Leadership Academy Certificates are offered as live in-person sessions and on-demand to individuals in a 100% online curriculum. Each certificate program requires participation in weekly 2-hour live interactive online course over the span of 12 weeks. All sessions are made available in online video format for later review. Participants will also be given four proprietary diagnostic instruments or ‘tests,’ including personality and leadership assessments, to help identify their unique opportunities for growth and development.

coCelerate’s team of highly-experienced leadership development facilitators will work one-on-one with each participant to help them overcome their personal leadership and management challenges – and hone personal leadership strengths.

Our most sought-after certificates include:

Foundations of Leadership

This course helps individuals and teams redefine their understanding of leadership, moving from a more traditional transactional management style to one focused on developing partnership-oriented relationships which seek to develop human potential and motivate and equip people to excel in their positions. We learn how successful leaders think differently – and practice the behavioral and decision-making distinctions that help them manifest important goals. Participants who complete the course receive a Certificate in Foundational Leadership from The coCelerate Academy.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

This course helps individuals to develop their negotiation and conflict resolution skills and knowledge. We start by administering self-assessments to place each participant on an Assertiveness Scale and then teach how to develop a balanced, equitable approach in dealing with ‘difficult’ people or situations. We seek to develop skills by teaching hands-on, step-by-step solutions to professional situations including giving instructions, negotiating agreements, and conducting performance reviews. Finally, we seek to open each individual’s perspectives on conflict to understand the inherent opportunities. We explore the 5 distinct Conflict Styles and the benefits and detriments of each style within a variety of personal and professional settings. Finally, we teach practical steps to neutralize conflict and build stronger relationships. Participants who complete the course receive a Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from The coCelerate Academy.

Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This course helps individuals to develop their personal and leadership skills in regard to diversity, equity and inclusion. Participants will discover an array of different perspectives and learn specific skills to generate open and productive dialog. The course will examine different approaches to self-awareness and social awareness – and the 4 proven frameworks that leaders use to better engage and support diversity. Participants who complete the course receive a Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from The coCelerate Academy.

Principles of Coaching for Senior Managers

This course applies the principles and skill-development of professional coaching to enhance the management style and skills of senior managers and corporate and community leaders. In this course, participants will learn the secrets of professional coaches and leadership development facilitators – and how to apply those skills to relationships with employees, business partners and customers/clients. We teach the fundamentals of the 64 core competencies of professional coaching – and ways to apply those skills in the real-world. Participants who complete the course receive a Certificate in Coaching and Personal Development from The coCelerate Academy with international accreditation by the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA).

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